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About us

Modern assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and liberal Russian legislation give a unique opportunity for any individuals to become parents. The right to procreate is a natural, inalienable right of any person, regardless of the gender and marital status, equally belonging to both couples (married and not married) and to single men and women.

If other methods of ART do not help, gestational surrogacy comes to rescue.


During preparation and implementation of a gestational surrogacy program, many questions arise, including medical, legal, and organizational.


·           Who has a right to become a parent through a gestational surrogacy program?

·           How to choose a healthy and cooperative surrogate mother?

·           How to build a relationship with her?

·           What is the legal aspect of the procedure?

·           How to choose the clinic best suitable for your needs?

·           How to choose the physician best suitable for you?

·           How to ensure that the surrogate mother complies with all medical appointments, treatment and other obligations?

·           How to ensure that her intentions would not change, and that she will give you the child at the birth, and not leave your baby to herself?


We know the answers to all these questions and we are able to provide top-level assistance, no matter how complicated your situation seems to you!



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