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Legal support

Drafting an agreement between the surrogate mother and the clients (or sole client), editing and preparing of all necessary documents including informed voluntary consents of all participants of the program;

Preparation and organization of signing of the surrogate mother's consent for recording the clients (or sole client) into birth certificate as parents (sole parent) of the child;

Assistance in obtaining the Birth Certificate of your child;

Appealing refusals of state authorities to register children and obtaining a Certificate of Birth in the court (necessary for unmarried couples, single men and women).

Selection of surrogate mothers and oocyte / sperm donors

Our company has its own, Russia’s largest database of surrogate mothers and oocyte / sperm donors, both with participation experience and those wishing to join the program for the first time

We have direct access to the largest European and Asian oocyte / sperm donor banks and can guarantee you not only a phenotypic but also a portrait resemblance.

We are the first and only company in Europe offering the choice of the donor not only by pictures of donors in childhood, but also in adulthood, as well as the opportunity to personally meet with the donor.

Organization and coordination of the program


Professional managers will inform you in a timely manner about the preparation of a surrogate mother for the transfer of your embryos and the course of gestation. Specially trained curators provide a constant control over the behavior of the surrogate mother and the correct diet.

Provide comprehensive support, which build on the principles of mutual respect and openness.

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