Violetta, St. Petersburg

May 16, 2016

I never write (did not write) reviews. Simply because there is no time and / or  because of laziness. I wrote this review right after I left the maternity hospital, on one of the sleepless and happy nights. I hesitated to send it for a long time, for obvious reasons. However, I decided that perhaps after reading my review, someone will take one of the most important decisions in their life and become a happy parent.

For sure, the story of anyone who contacted Rosurconsulting for help in the birth of a child is worthy of a literary work. And I could write a novel about my 14 year journey to motherhood. Countless stimulation, 8 IVF. The best clinics of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Israel - and all with no result. With an enviable constancy, only one HCG -0. Dozens of times I heard this verdict. And this is all while I had irreproachable analyzes and female indicators.

Doctors raise their hands and look away, timidly hinting that the body "is not eternal", and if the desire to become a mother is still not extinguished, then the only way out is gestational surrogacy and this is not 100% result, but just a chance.

This is difficult to decide and it is almost impossible for various reasons in my head. And I'm at the age of 41 put an end to my struggle for motherhood. I do not look in the direction of children, I forbid conversations on this subject, etc., etc. I am a strong woman. I can.

And all the surrounding people believed.

But thoughts or "cockroaches" in my head did not bother me. The only person with whom I could not cope was myself. At 43, when some of my friends became grandmothers, I decided to try again. Very secretly, without speaking with a single soul. It was necessary to devote and persuade only the husband, taking from him a vow of silence.

Mother and Child Clinic. Young, but already very experienced in this matter, Dr. Feoktistov suggests that I "do not mock" my body and still use the chance of gestational surrogacy. And I agree. For myself, I decide, if it does not work, this is already a "fat" dot in this issue. Now it seems to me that everything that has happened is a happy coincidence.

Why Rosurconsulting (I have monitored all such agencies), from the point of view of logic, I could not explain myself why at the initial stage. I think that there were angels.

And it begun.

In the end, the following. Perfect work of all staff. There is not a single "BUT". From "A" to "Z" everything was done unobtrusively, highly professional and comfortable. I did not regret for a second about my choice through the whole program.

Whatever I'm saying to the Rosurconsulting team is trivial, compared to the happiness that ended our cooperation.

Maxim, Natalia and Olga, you are doing a very important thing. Personally, you revived me and made me happy. Happy mother. I thought I would never say those words in my life. I'm the mother of a wonderful girl.

If age allowed, I would, without hesitation, turned to you again and again. Although ... They say that happy people get younger. So, that everything is possible…

Intentionally did not re-read and do not rule the text written out. Everything is written in one breath and from the heart. I really hope that my review will inspire someone to make a happy decision.

Rosjurconsulting, once again THANKS!

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