Ekaterina and Dmitry, St. Petersburg

September 7, 2013

Maxim, Sergey Alexandrovich, Natalia and Sasha! I want to say thank you, but I want to say it with some special words, as people do not say thank you for anything else. Probably this kind of THANKS people say only to doctors, because they save lives. You also gave us life, new and unlike the one we used to live in, made a sense in it, which makes us reevaluate everything that happened to us in the past, the present, and still will happen. Now we know that we are MOTHER AND DAD, now we know that we are responsible, now we know that we need someone even more than our parents need us, now we are a real family, we have two children - a boy and the girl, and also that all this is just the beginning of some new and yet unfamiliar path.

All this would be impossible if on a happy day we did not find ourselves in the office of the company Rosurconsulting. How many doubts, how many fears, nerves, we do not want to even remember it now, but as soon as we met with you, it all dissipated without a trace. From the first day of the meeting with Rosurconsulting staff, we had the confidence that everything would be fine. You helped us in everything from the selection of the clinic for IVF, the surrogate mother and the wonderful Dr. Nikolay Kornilov, who dispelled unnecessary doubts, gave confidence and, of course, performed his work with his professionalism, which ultimately led us to success. We are very grateful to him for his work.

But you, Rosurconsulting staff, have done more than your work, you are a unique phenomenon in Russia, because your standards of work can be matched by, probably, a very few companies in our country, regardless of the field. Everything was so clear, harmonious, flawlessly organized, and you were always ready to go to the meeting, even when before the very birth we had a real panic, you never reproached us and made us feel uncomfortable, trying to calm and assure that everything is well and under control. I am infinitely grateful to Sergey Aleksandrovich, the Doctor of Rosjurkonsalting, who had to solve not only the problems directly related to this, but also my personal health problems during the whole IVF procedure and Sasha's pregnancy. He is a dedicated doctor with a European mentality, knowledge and approach to work, such as a person of this profession should be, and if something ever changes in our health care system, it is only thanks to people like him. The same can be said about Maxim Kiyaev, the company's lawyer, guys, I will not be afraid of loud phrases, but such specialists as you are the future of our country. In addition to the fact that you gave life to our children, we thank you for the highest level of professionalism in which the St. Petersburg branch of Rosurconsulting operates.

We are grateful to you also for the fact that you organized everything so that Sasha's pregnancy proceeded in a calm atmosphere, without unnecessary nerves, unnecessary conflicts, everything was adjusted to detail and strictly regulated. We somehow do not talk about money, but I still say, from the very beginning we understood about what amounts are in question, and during such a long communication with you, there was never any unexpected, unforeseen or unreasonable increase in payment, we have spent exactly the amounts that were agreed on in advance and about which we were warned.

Also I want to thank Natalia, who always, at any time was ready to tell us about the health of our surrogate mother, her visits to the doctor, on which we could not always attend, support and encouragement for her and for us, thank you for your kindness, !!

As for our surrogate mother Sasha, we probably will never be able to find the words that are sufficiently capable of expressing our gratitude to her. THANK YOU! Thank you Sasha, you have undertaken such a difficult duty, I hope that everything will be fine in your life, and you will be the happiest person, I wish you and your family health, God bless you!

Ekaterina and Dmitry.

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