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July 7, 2012

11.07.12. We have now reached the big goal and we are the happiest parents to two perfect little boys. The travelling back and forth to St. Petersburg during the last 2 years has been both financially and even more so emotionally hard, but our dream of a complete family has now come true and we feel every second of this journey has been worth it.

Before starting the program we did a lot of research regarding surrogacy programs in different countries. After years of research we chose Rosjurconsulting and we are very happy with our choice. We feel like your whole team is very professional and that you have a high standard for what you do. It must have been really difficult to find the right surrogate mother who would fit our requirements, but when you found Maria for us, the angel who gave us the biggest gift anyone can give, we felt it had been worth all the waiting. We immediately felt that she has the right person for this and we can never thank her enough for what she has been through for us.

Regarding the communication with e-mails we sometimes felt like there was a language barrier, but this was only a problem when we communicated with e-mails because always when we were present in St Petersburg we got excellent interpretation from Marina or Dmitri. We are very thankful that we had the possibility to get help with interpretation from Marina along the whole process.


We are also thankful to Dr. Sergey Bobrov that he could help us and give us information regarding the medical part of the program and the pregnancy and calm our worries. We also know that his support was very important to Maria during the whole process and it felt good to us. Also your psychologist Natalia Shelepina’s support was important to Maria and we are thankful that she was with Maria during the whole program.

Maxim Kiyaev has done excellent work regarding the legal part of the program. Thank you for that! We are also grateful to Konstantin Svitnev, CEO of Rosjurconsulting, for the help from him we have got when dealing with the Finnish authorities.

We wish your whole team a nice and warm summer!

Happy parents from Finland :-)

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