Eva, St. Petersburg

May 17, 2017

A huge thanks to the whole Rosurconsulting team in St. Petersburg! Maxim Nikolaevich, Olga, Anastasia thank you all so much for the happiness that you gave us! All your life we ​​will thank you and remember with a kind word! We cannot describe the joy we feel, when looking at our baby, emotions overwhelm. It was difficult to make such a step, but the desire to have a baby was stronger. Since the very beginning of our communication with Rosurconsulting, we have gained the hope that everything will be fine and crucial help will be provided to us. Throughout this period we did not doubt the decency of the whole team. Special thanks to our surrogate mother. We wish her well-being in life. May the Lord reward her for the good she did. We wish her good health! Maxim Nikolayevich, Olga, Anastasia, you are wonderful people! We have never doubted you. We wish Rosurconsulting good luck and prosperity and let it give those people who lost hope of becoming parents, the happiness of motherhood and paternity!

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